Kimya PC-FR merges the benefits of polycarbonate, including dimensional stability, high impact resistance, and a wide operating temperature range, with flame-retardant properties. This formulation results in a 25% tensile yield strength increase and a 180% impact strength increase (Izod unnotched) in the XZ plane compared to standard polycarbonate.

For transport category applications, Kimya PC-FR meets the requirements of EN 45545, the European railway standard for fire safety. Within this standard, the material also meets the HL3 (highest) hazard level, which makes it eligible for use in all rail vehicle configurations.

Performance Properties

Tensile Yield Strength (XZ Orientation): 72.2 MPa

Impact Strength (Unnotched – XZ Orientation): 2170 J/m

Kimya PC-FR Material Data Sheet




F900, Fortus 450mc


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